Proiectare si constructie hale industriale

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Showroom and Office buildings

With a team of specialists, from arhitects to builders, Itka Buildings has all the skills at its disposal to design efficient buildings that promote the wellness of their occupants.

The distinguishing features of these types of buildings are the following:

  1. The architecture is of great importance: various combinations of panels, colours, curtain walls (glass walls), glass surface shading, attics and volume diversity.
  2. Good insulation is needed for preventing heat bridges.
  3. The roof must be secure as double ceiling is installed and future interventions to fix damage can be very expensive.
  4. They require constructive ideas aiming at a special type of aesthetic design (specific types of crossbars and structures, etc)
  5. Underground parking can be added.
  6. Following the “Fire exposure scenario”, special requirements for protection against fire might be required.

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