Proiectare si constructie hale industriale

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Important for this type of buildings is finding the right balance between the client’s needs and the structure of the construction, obtaining:

Flexible construction solutions, adapted for various equipments, technological flows, storage, offices, volumetric diversity. High quality insulation. Natural lighting in the roof Smoke traps and equipment against fires; Cranes and attics

How do I build an Industrial Building ?

What do you need to do?

Identify the need for building an Industrial Warehouse.

Establish the main features of your investment.

• Prefeasibility Study

  • you put together the technical and financial information which leads to the need and possibility to have the building raised.

-based on this study (at a rather low cost), you decide whether further investment in a feasibility study is worth or not;

-it consists of a written part and a drawn part.

• Feasibility Study

  • you analyse the potential success of the investment, taking into account the rational and efficient spending of the financial, human and material resources; you also define the extent to which the technical and financial demands imposed by the investment are to be fulfilled.

How can we help?


we help you budget your investment correctly, even from the prefeasibility study stage.

We help you choose and get information about the site for the construction, the type of structure, the type of soil and the seismic area, as well as the right foundation depending on the selected surface, so that you can make a great start for your project.

*You will benefit from our experience and support for FREE as part of the BestBS Package.

What do you need to do?

• Technical project

The technical project consists of the written part and the drawn part. The Written part includes: 1.General description of the work to be done:

  • general elements – description of the work
  1. Task agenda (role and purpose; types, content)
  2. Lists that contain the quantity of work
  3. The overall construction graphic Drawn part: 1. Master plan; 2. General objective boards 3. Architecture; 4. Structure; 5. Installations; 6. Equipment and technological installations; 7. Furniture

How can we help?

WITH THE TECHNICAL PROJECT for the foundation and overall structure Even from the design phase, we can assure you that all costs will be within your budget and that you will have permanent control over the evolution of the construction. We work on optimizing the structure so that you get the best technical solutions and your investment costs are lower. FREE as part of the Best Building Solution Package

2.Signing the contracts (with the contractor)

Depending on the type of financing, this can be done through public auctions or offer selection.

How can we help?

Through the FIXED PRICE Contract : We guarantee that the initially established price will not change so that you do not go beyond your initial budget.

3.Supply and Construction Phase

From this moment on, your role is to follow the periodic reports of your Project Manager. These reports state the stages of the work and the necessary recommendations as well as the payments made by the constructors and supervised by the Project Manager.

How can we help?

Whit THE INDUSTRIAL WAREHOUSE with structure according to the particular features of your business:

Steel Industrial Building Concrete Industrial Buildings Mixed Structure Industrial Buildings

and optimised in accordance with the business activity: • Agricultural Buildings • Storage Units • Office Buildings • Industrial Buildings • Cold Storage Warehouses

4.Finalizing the construction. You receipt the building when the construction is finished.

How can we help?

We participate at the reception and offer you the OPTIMISED BUILDING with warranty.

5.You do your business within a fully functional space which is well adapted for being efficient from the perspective of energy, structure and natural lighting, while also having minimum exploitation costs and maximum benefits.

How can we help?

Your Building benefits from our 5-year warranty throughout which we undertake two verifications a year, followed by written reports on the physical condition of the building.

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