Desgin and Construction of Industrial Buildings

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Best Building Solutions Package

We have created a service and product PACKAGE to help us lower the costs for your investment.

If you contact us when you have the idea of building an industrial warehouse, we offer FREE PROJECT DESIGN, advice and management. Due to the coordination of design and construction of the building, we can find THE proper constructive solutions to set a fair price and offer you a 5-year WARRANTY.

Best Building Solutions Package includes:

  • Industrial Warehouse
  • Free engineering
  • Free advice
  • Itka Buildings consultant acts as the technical department taking care of your investment throughout the project implementation.

Free project management

The project manager organizes, plans, schedules, controls and guarantees the implementation of the project ensuring compliance with quality, cost and deadline terms agreed upon.

5-year warranty

Reduced costs

Low Building Costs Our designers provide you with an optimized structure building. You will get value for money.

Low Maintenance Costs

Good quality materials enable minimum maintenance costs.

  • Anticorrosive treatment for the structure;
  • The main structure is sandblasted, grounded and painted – a minimum of 1000 microns;
  • The secondary structure is of cold rolled galvanized steel;
  • Panels with hidden fastening system, 0.5 mm sheet-metal.

Low Functioning Costs

Itka Buildings hall has sealed joints. Reduced thermal bridges. Natural light solutions. Green energy solutions through ITKA Green Pack.

No risks

”Fixed Price Contract” No unexpected costs! You will know the price of the investment when you sign the contract, depending on the design-build pack.

European Standards All materials used are in accordance with European norms -CE labelled. 5-year warranty All the halls we build through Best Building Solutions pack have a 5-year warranty.


Fast, professional quote Our ONLINE calculation software provides you with an exact quote in real time. You will receive clear information regarding all aspects of the quote. Reduced building time This is possible due to our internal design with clear building details.

Prefabrication Reduced building time due to prefabricated building solutions as well as screw bold joints, with no welding on site.

Multiple advantages

Free assistance with foundation building This is provided through the presence of an Itka Buildings engineer on site during the key stages of the foundation building.

Free consultancy

Free consultancy for choosing the best solutions.

Custom design

The custom design in possible through the great variety of insulated and non-insulated panels: PUR sandwich panel, PIR panels, mineral wool sandwich panels, glass wool sandwich panels made on site, glass or mineral wool structural panels and metal exterior panel, depending on the desired architecture. Additionally, a wide variety of wall and roof accessories are available: sectional gates, pedestrian doors, windows, curtain walls, smoke trap doors, lightings, etc.